August 19, 2013: Very Slow Day

This waking up super early thing is weird.  But I managed to stay in bed for a while.  I got up at a quarter till seven when Dominica left for work having been awake already for an hour or two probably.  My new phone is getting two full days out of a charge, I am pretty impressed with that.  I charged it Friday night and it died after I was in bed last night!

Got up and worked from the house for a bit this morning.  Waited for Morgan to arrive and then turned the household over to her and was off to the office.

Today was pretty slow.  Hung out with Doue and some of his friends a bit today.  I can’t believe how slow the office is.  This afternoon we went out for Subway.  I got a salad.  I’m not liking being back on the diet.

Got home this evening and we just stayed in.  We have the nieces and Dominica is always tired on Monday evenings so we just took it easy.  Introduced Emily to Are You Being Served?  She actually liked it.

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