December 12, 2013: Sleepy Evening

Today I started reading “The Lady in the Palazzo: At Home in Umbria” by Marlena Blasi.

Very cold day today. Good day for reading about a sunny day in central Italy.

Got home and spent the evening with the girls again while Dominica went out to go shopping. She had to return some stuff from yesterday and do some more shopping. She is getting us ready for the holiday party tomorrow evening in Connecticut.

The girls just wanted to hang out in the living room tonight. I made us a fire in the fireplace and we gathered around the hearth to stay warm. It is only about fifteen degrees outside so quite cold. It is days like this that we are so happy that we live in a middle unit and have warm neighboring walls on either side helping to keep our house warm. We use so little energy to keep the place warm in the winter.

I was really tired this evening. I actually fell asleep laying on the floor in from of the fireplace. Dominica was gone shopping for a long time, nearly three hours. As soon as she was home we got the girls off to bed and we went to bed ourselves.

Dominica booked a hotel room for us tomorrow in Connecticut so that we have a place to put the cars, change and sleep after the holiday party tomorrow night. It is a long way (over an hour) from there to the house and if we had to come home we would both have to drive which would leave us both unable to drink or anything for the entire evening and still have us both driving home while very tired, in the middle of the night. This way we can take a shuttle to the party and not have to worry about it, get a good night’s sleep and drive home in the morning, in daylight. Dominica does not know the way that I drive to and from so we would need to take a longer route anyway.

Dominica’s parents are coming down tomorrow after work to babysit for the night. They should arrive probably around five. Dominica will drive down to the hotel in Connecticut as soon as they get to the house so that she can get us checked in and start getting ready. Party starts in the early evening and goes all night. I am not even sure where it is, thankfully the hotel will just shuttle us there.

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