December 20, 2013: Off to Grandma’s Birthday Party in Ohio

I had an article published on InfoStor today: Understanding the Western Digital SATA Drive Lineup in 2014.  This is my first time being published by InfoStor.

Today is our travel day to get out to Ohio. I went into the office this morning, grabbing my usual (now) egg and cheese sandwich at the Kurdish deli on the way. The day was reasonably slow, the holiday season is really upon us now and things are wrapping up for the end of the year.

My day went pretty well and I was doing okay to leave at a good time from the office but at the last second some work came through that needed my attention and I ended up not getting to leave until after six thirty (I had been hoping to have left between five and five thirty.) So I was much later than I had wanted to be getting home.

I got to Peekskill around eight to get the family loaded up and ready to go. Dominica had the Acadia packed up and ready to go. This is a big trip for her and the girls, leaving tonight and not coming home for nearly two weeks, they probably won’t be home till after New Years. So there is a lot of planning to be done. They are going to Ohio, then to dad’s and then to the Toccos’.

We had to stop at Walgreens on the way out of town to pick up grandma’s birthday gift that they had said was ready for us to pick up. But when we got there they had lost it (pictures that we had them printing for a display that Dominica was putting together) and we got stuck waiting in the parking lot for half an hour for them to get everything reprinted for us. So by the time that we left Peekskill to actually get on to the road, it was after nine in the evening! Much later than I had been hoping. Nearly three hours later.

We got on the road and thankfully it was warm, very warm being over fifty degrees, and the weather was clear. We had a great night for driving so far. We took route 6 west until we picked up Interstate 84 which took us over to Scranton, a route we have not done in a very long time, and then down via Interstate 81 until we could pick up Interstate 80 to carry us west across Pennsylvania.

The little girls were asleep pretty quickly and did very well on the drive. They got a lot of rest so they will probably be fine tomorrow.

The drive, from Peekskill to Alliance, Ohio, took about seven hours. It was after four when we got to our usual hotel in Alliance. Not a lot of time for us to get sleep. We got a room with a king bed and the girls both wanted to snuggle with me. Not going to be a lot of sleep for me tonight.

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