January 18, 2014: First Day Watching the Girls

I believe that this weekend is my longest stretch, ever, being alone in charge of both girls.  Three full days just us, sequestered at the house.

The alarm went off at three and we had half an hour to get out of the door with the four of us.  That was a very short night.  Getting up at three really throws you off, that is early enough that it is truly the middle of the night.  If you consider a normal person sleeps from eleven to seven, three is the dead center of the night.  For most people on the weekend, midnight to eight is more likely, so this is actually on the early side of the night.  We sure felt it.

We did well, getting ready, though and were out the door nearly on time.  We got the girls up at the last second and had them just go in their pajamas although both of them ended up being wide awake and did not fall back asleep either in the car nor once I got them back to the house later.

The drive was fine.  We had forgotten water bottles for the girls for the car so swung into a Dunkin Donuts and got Dominica some coffee, me a Monster and the girls water cups so that they could drink in the car.  It took about seventy five minutes to get down to LaGuardia in Queens.  No traffic though and only a few snow flakes on the way down.  So that was good.

We dropped Dominica off at the airport right on time.  She had plenty of time to get through the empty lines, through security and on the plane.  She is flying Southwest with a layover in Houston at Hobby right next to the Grices’, which is pretty silly as they could have all ridden together up to Carrollton since Francesca and Emily are going from right there at Hobby up to Carrollton to help Dominica pack up the house.

The girls and I got back home much more quickly than we had gotten down to the airport.  Less than an hour back to the house.  I took a different route through Manhattan and that must have helped a lot.  The snow was starting to come down on our drive back to the house and soon after we were home it turned into rather a serious snow storm.  The snow came down hard all morning and we got a few inches by the time that it was over.  A good weekend to be camped out in the house without needing to go anywhere at all.

I was not sure if the girls might not fall back asleep as it was still before the time that they would normally have woken up and they had been up for hours already.  I set them up with iPads in our bed and blankets and Care Bear and Lambie to see if they might just drift off.  They stayed there for quite a while but neither one fell asleep again.

The girls and I had a lot of fun today.  Playing board games together, having a big fire in the fireplace and playing Night of the Rabbit together.

Luciana had to go to bed on the early side tonight, she was over tired but wanted to stay up with us.  I took her up and put her to bed in our big bed and laid down with her for twenty minutes or so until she fell asleep snuggling with me.  Then Liesl and I went back to the basement and played more of Night of the Rabbit until Liesl was tired of it and then we put in “The Snow Queen” that Liesl likes on Netflix and we watched that, snuggled together on the couch.

I was asleep for half of the movie, I could not stay alert for any of it.  I have no idea what happened in the story.  It was probably ten when Liesl and I went up and climbed into bed with Luciana.  Liesl has been excited all week knowing that she would get to sleep in our bed this weekend.  It is one of her favourite things.  She lives for her snuggles.

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