September 23, 2011: Starting My Own C25K

Medifast Status: Day 144, Down ~60lbs

Ah the sixty pound mark.  That feels great to say.  Sixty is a big number.  Anyone can lose fifty pounds but sixty feels like an accomplishment.  I was pretty excited when I weighed in this morning. I need these milestones to keep me going.  I am very glad that I had this drop today since today is my check in appointment with Medifast.

Nothing to report from the office.  I went home for lunch but didn’t eat because having lunch just before checking in with Medifast does not work out very well.  So I am saving my food for dinner tonight instead.  We had just enough time while I was home for me to get to watch one episode of Voyager.

Having the computer in the playroom is nice.  I’m able to actually get stuff done while I am at home instead of just sitting in a chair and feeling panicky because I am disconnected and can’t see if someone needs me.

I got to Medifast early and did my weight in.  Exactly sixty pounds, as predicted.  Their scale appears to exactly match my scale at home.  They are very pleased with my progress.  I suspect that they don’t actually get very many people who lose these kinds of numbers.  If you look at the ads that they run of people in the metroplex who have lost weight, few actually have lost this much.  The person on their business cards was only around fifty.  And I am still losing so we are all pretty confident that I will be quite a bit thinner as at this point this has really become a lifestyle and falling off of the wagon is not very likely to happen to any serious extent.  Eating healthily and in good quantities is already pretty much second nature and I have nearly a year left to go on the plan.  Much like being a vegetarian, after you have done it for a long time you stop really having any issue of relapsing.  It just doesn’t happen.  I’m hoping that the same holds true here.

Slow afternoon at the office.  Very slow evening but even though it was very slow it stretched out late and I was unable to head home until six thirty.  At least it felt like I was going home on the early side.

We spent most of the evening relaxing in the newly reconfigured play room.  It is nice, if not decorative, having an office desk in here and a real place to sit down and work.  It is far easier to get things done this way.  I don’t have to choose between being in touch and spending time with the family.

This evening, after everyone had gone to bed, I went out and started working on my C25K (Couch to 5K) training which is what Dominica and Francesca have been doing for the past month.  I need to get moving if I am going to catch up with them.  I jogged a tiny bit last week and saw that I was the equivalent of a few weeks into the training program so I decided to jump ahead.

The program is supposed to be three days of jogging per week every other day with a two day break between weeks.  A very light schedule.  Tonight I decided to start my training on the final day, day three, of week two.  I did the training and found myself quite some distance from the house and feeling pretty good.  So I went straight into week three, day one and did that as well.  By the end of my session I had traveled more than six kilometers.  Even farther on my first day than the final goal of the program!  And I felt good by the end too.

While jogging I listened to several episodes of A Prairie Home Companion’s News from Lake Wobegon.  I’m using my exercise time as an opportunity to catch up with the past year of episodes.


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