August 14, 2012: SpiceCorps DFW

Today is our second attempt at holding SpiceCorps DFW at Dominica and my house.  The last one was just before we left for Europe and that went pretty well.  I had some stuff that I needed to do in the office this morning so I went in and worked until lunch time and then came home to spend the afternoon helping Dominica get ready for tonight’s event as much as possible.  There is a crazy amount of work that goes into having this many people over for an event at your house.

Over the last week we have bought a new Optoma 1080p projector to use for our presentations and last night we ran out to get a pop-up presentation screen at Fry’s.  We are pretty well prepared for this stuff now.

It was a crazy afternoon trying to get the house ready and trying to get the presentation ready and, of course, people started arriving more than an hour before the event so we were busing “hosting” while still trying to just get the basics set up.

The meeting tonight was, I feel, quite a success.  We had a large turnout of forty-six people which sets the all time SpiceCorps record and does so with a completely “normal” meeting, nothing particularly special about this meeting whatsoever.  It seems that we have a really healthy group getting together now.

The house was completely packed with all of those people in it.  We were crammed in like sardines almost.  We had Alt-N, the software company from over in Gradevine, come in and demonstrate their MDaemon email product.  Plantronics came in and showed off some of their stuff, mostly bluetooth headsets.  One of the SpiceWorks developers gave the presentation on the new features of SpiceWorks 6.0.  I gave a presentation on SMB IT Architectural Patterns.  The recording is not the best and it got chopped off at the end because the battery died.  Really need to get someone to run the AV stuff for the next time as we are just not getting usable recordings of anything no matter how much work we put into it.  Once we get down to the actual event there is just zero time to do anything whatsoever.

We ended up hanging out until just after three in the morning.  I am going to be quite exhausted tomorrow.

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