October 2, 2012: House Construction Begins

Woke up at three this morning.  I tried laying in bed for a while but it wasn’t long before that got old.  So I got up and went to the office, very quietly and got about two and a half hours of work in at the house before heading out to the gym at Brookhaven for my morning workout.

Not a bad workout today but I cut it short as I am not feeling all that well today.  Just some lifting and a forty minute elliptical workout.  Then shower and in to the office.

I was in the office early but it was still a busy day.  I am doing really well at catching up on my emails, though, and I am very happy about that.  An empty mailbox makes me happy and efficient.

I went home at lunch and Chris came over too and met Danielle and Art for the first time.  We put in two hours working there and they stayed to work and I went back to the office.  He stayed and worked long after I had gone back to the office.  They were there all afternoon.  A productive day.

As soon as I got home from work this evening we all drove down to Brookhaven for kids’ night.  We sat outside and enjoyed the weather.  It is warm enough to be out in the evening without a jacket, but just barely.  The firepits were going but we didn’t need to be close to one.  The girls were able to run around most of the evening as there were not too many people eating outside.  It was a nice change for them.

After dinner, home to put the girls to bed and a relatively early night for everyone.  I was up later working, as usual, in the office.

Some construction has begun on the house.  The bar wall isn’t out yet but the cabinets are and Art has been looking into the wall to get a feel for what to do tomorrow.  Tomorrow the wall itself will be gone.

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