September 17, 2012: Starting at the Brookhaven Gym

It is Monday and today I am going into the new office for the first time to actually work.  My desk and everything was set up there on Thursday night but I worked remotely on Friday (and over the weekend) so today is my first time going in as if I actually work there.

The drive in proved to be just fine.  In fact, it might actually be easier to get to my new office than my old one.  Either way, it is pretty inconsequential.  There isn’t much food around the new office but that is fine since I never eat there anyway.  I still have a Racetrac gas station just up the street like I used to so that changes nothing at all.  The new office is closer to the airport and really close to the Frys that we use so that is exceptionally handy for computer shopping excursions in the middle of the day.

My new cubicle is a lot smaller and the walls are lower than my old one.  Overall I think that I prefer this as it feels less like working in a cave and more like being with other people.  I dislike it because it is noisy and engenders a ton of disruption.  It is nice for feeling like a team but not good for getting work done.

At lunch today I went over to Brookhaven Country Club for my first time checking out the gym there where we now have memberships.  I am excited because I have wanted to get back to using a gym for a while and we have not had a membership since I was working in Manhattan and our country club membership at Brookhaven is cheaper than my gym membership was in Manhattan.  Of course, in Manhattan I had a swimming pool and that was primarily how I used it and I don’t have an indoor lap pool at Brookhaven which is really too bad.  I really get good use out of a pool.

I got the tour of the facilities and managed to get in a pretty good forty minute workout on the elliptical machines before showering and returning to the office.

After work I came home and did some cleaning in the kitchen and around the house.  I was feeling very productive today.

Later on Dominica made dinner and we ate while watching the second season of Melissa & Joey which we finished up this evening.  That is actually a pretty good show.  Funny that we discovered it because it was on randomly at La Cima one night about a year ago while we were there and just felt like watching something.  It is very much a nineteen eighties sitcom made today.

We were all in bed decently early tonight.  Tomorrow morning Dominica has to be up at five thirty so that she can get out to the hospital in Arlington where she is going to be staying with Casen for the morning.

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