September 18, 2012: Dominica’s First Day with Casen

Liesl woke me up at three thirty this morning needing me to take her to the bathroom.  Nothing like a little disruption in the middle of the night.  Then Dominica had to get up at five thirty this morning so that she could head out to Arlington as she is staying with Casen in the hospital this morning.  So I am going to stay home with Liesl and Luciana during the day.

I managed to sleep in until eight thirty.  Having the CPAP again is really helping.  And the exercise is helping too, I am sure.  Liesl and Luciana both slept in a bit with Liesl not getting up until around nine and Luciana even later.

Working from home and being the sole guardian for the two of them is a stressful day, however.  It is great to be home with them and Liesl mostly respects that I am working and cannot be bothered continuously but Luciana does not understand that and screams all of the time for me to entertain her, get her food (that she throws on the floor) or whatever.

It was a long day and a very busy one but at least I got to spend it with my girls.  Dominica got home around one thirty but was completely exhausted and went down for a nap in about half an hour.  That didn’t last too long, though, because Liesl did some screaming and woke everyone else up.  So Dominica wandered around like a zombie for the rest of the evening from lack of sleep.

I worked until after six for the office and Dominica and Luciana both went to bed at a quarter till eight.  So we had very little evening together.  Only Liesl and I stayed up past that point.

I managed to get some of the heavy stuff cleaned up in my office today.  It is slowly improving.  It has been a total disaster recently with lots of heavy items getting dropped in there for me to “deal with” in one capacity or another.  I am trying to bring the mess back from the brink.

After I got Liesl to bed Chris and I went to Redneck for dinner.  I hadn’t managed to eat all day.  It was a long day.

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