October 10, 2012: Final Day of SpiceWorld 2012

We slept in a little bit this morning.  I was rushing to get down for breakfast before they were done.  I did make it in time to have breakfast with Danielle, Grey, Katie, etc. before getting off to the morning sessions.  Dominica was feeling kind of sick, all of the Austin partying ran her down and she has the flu that has been going around.  So she spent much of the morning in bed and I didn’t see her until she came down for lunch.  But she didn’t get to have lunch with me today as I was at the private “Spicy Peppers” table.

My ride back to Dallas ended up having to leave the event suddenly with kidney stones.  So I had to find a new ride in a panic.  Fortunately PSX is heading back tomorrow and can drive me back home.

After the event wrapped up we headed down to the Highball for the annual “Scott Alan Miller Afterparty” that we’ve been having for four years now.  We had a great turnout this year – about thirty eight people.  We really surprised the Highball with that many people showing up.  We always get drinks and dinner there for the people who are waiting to head to flights and those who don’t want to hit Sixth Street.  We did dinner there and then Dominica had to take off to drive to Houston to see Liesl and Luciana.  Danielle left just after the conference with Kim to drive back to Dallas.  Katie had to leave at lunch to fly to Tampa.

After the afterparty, those of us remaining, which was a pretty big group of nearly thirty, we took cabs over to Touche’s and spent the evening there.  Tons of flaming Dr. Peppers.  I called it an early night, though, heading back to the hotel around midnight.

Tomorrow morning we have breakfast at Denny’s, as we always do, then back to Dallas.

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