October 25, 2012: Teaching Salsa!

Worked from home this morning for just a little bit because I needed to go give a talk on, and review some storage recommendations, for a small network overhaul project.  This was one of those “everyone you have spoken to is crazy and trying to take massive advantage of you” talks that actually went over exceedingly well and everyone was able to understand the actual business implications of what I was saying and appreciated me bringing a technical, rather than a sales, approach to the entire process.  I left feeling very good about the process and feeling appreciated for having actually saved someone money and protected them from both overspending and from overall technical risk.  A major win on the personal success scale.

Then it was into the office and I worked through the lunch hour.  No food for me today since it is Thursday and I have to go to Medifast this afternoon for my check in.  I always avoid eating on Thursdays so that my weight in isn’t so bad.

I had my Medifast meeting at twenty till three, then back to the office.  This evening, after work, I drove down to Arlington to go to the Brickhouse to do salsa dancing for the evening.  That went pretty well and, for the first time, I was introduced to people as a trainer!  I spent almost the entire night not learning salsa but actually teaching the steps to others, mostly new people but some of the existing students as well.  That was really encouraging that they felt good enough to have me introducing new people to salsa dancing already.

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