October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy

I stayed home from work today because I am recovering from laryngitis.  Every time I speak the house rumbles, my voice is so low.  All day we watched the news to see what was happening with the hurricane approaching New York City.  The predictions were that this was really going to be something.

It was pretty much a really slow day at home.  I got a lot of time to play with the girls.  They are always so happy whenever I am home.

After work we had to head over to Willowbrook Mall to pick up my one suit that was ready just in time for me to travel.  Then, on the way back from there, we stopped by Denny’s to have dinner since it was handy and on the way.  We had tried to find something else but between everything being closed and almost all of the restaurants either being too fancy for how we were feeling or not having good vegetarian options or, in the case of the dinner that we were interested in, being closed we just decided to do what was easy.

This evening we just got ready to be able to travel.  Dominica got me all packed, all I have is a single rolling bag, and got her and the girls packed up and ready for their trip down to Houston for Halloween and trick or treating.

The hurricane hit New York tonight and we are getting spotty updates from Katie who is way up north and more or less spared from the actual disaster.  She had power for most of the evening and knows that she will not be going back to work for a while.  The reports that we are hearing is that the city  and the New Jersey coast are actually getting hit a little harder than the estimates had guessed and it is really quite bad.  Eleven feet of water was the highest end of the range that we had heard but before the end of the night we were hearing thirteen feet was in Manhattan.  The entire region is just getting destroyed.  And the storm is one of the biggest ever.  Not the fastest, not the strongest but one of the physically largest with its center in New York City and its out rim hitting the Midwest!  Really something incredible.

Our house in New York is very far up north and is not, from what we hear, being affected in any significant way, from the storm.

We are all set for tomorrow but definitely wondering what the chances are that my flight is going to be canceled.  With this much storm going on and so many US airports closed and the storm impacting all the way into the midwest I might easily be grounded.

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