December 5, 2012: Finally Have Access Again

I am still pretty tired after five straight nights of working very, very late trying to get things working after the big migration.  I slept in just a little this morning and then was into the office, still getting in a little early.  Normally I am home on Wednesdays but since I was home on Monday I am in the office solid for the rest of the week now.

I continued, today, working like mad trying to figure out my email and other access problems.  I finally got access to everything today so I am now actually more capable during the day rather than less.  This is actually quite nice.  I am starting to get used to Windows 8 a little now too having been using it for most of a week.  There is a lot that I don’t like but a bit that I do.  So it was another busy, but successful, day.

Now that I have access to everything I can begin the process of catching up on my emails.  I am so behind from the migration this past weekend, I can’t even begin to describe.  I am way behind.

I got home and we ate dinner tonight.  Dominica made a pasta with pumpkin sauce.  We ate and watched an episode or two of Family Guy then I went into the office and worked with Art on SharePoint and MediaWiki training for a little over two hours.

Tomorrow is Dominica’s second day at her new job and she starts pretty early in the morning.  So she went to bed at around ten, about the same time as Liesl.  I stayed up and worked, as usual, trying to get things done.  So I was up until nearly three in the morning working.  I got a new development server built tonight that, in theory, I can use for my Ruby on Rails projects from anywhere.  I decided to go with Fedora 17 since I was all of the latest and greatest development tools but don’t have any need for an actual desktop making it perfect.

So I was in bed around three.  Dominica gets up just three hours after I go to bed.  Kayla is coming over early in the morning to take over watching the kids from me so that I can go to work.  Starting next week the girls are going to be starting daycare one day a week on Dominica’s short day so that they can get some exposure to other kids.

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