February 11, 2013: Planty

Dominica worked today so it was just dad and I at home taking care of the girls.  Mostly it was me working in my office and dad playing with Liesl and Luciana.

One of their fun projects today was for dad and Liesl to take a cutting that Liesl had accidentally knocked off of one of our ivy plants and another ivy plant that has been growing in the kitchen for a long time and to transplant them into a new, nice, large planter for Liesl’s room.  So they did that for a while then we took it in and hung it up in her bedroom.  This is Liesl’s very first plant of her own.

This evening Dominica picked up Panda Express on the way home and we ate dinner while watching episodes of Are You Being Served?

Today is dad’s halfway point through his Texas trip.  The time really flies.  Although being down here with the little ones really wears him out too.  They have so much energy and are so excited to get to see grandpa.

Liesl decided to name her new plant(s) “Planty”.

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