February 15, 2013: We Have A Projector!

Long office day for me not getting home till after eight.  Dad and Dominica had a long day too.  Dominica got stuck working most of the day, but at least it was working from home.  Dad was able to catch up on sleep last night so was feeling much better today.

Dad got the project hung under the bar today so that when I came home we were able to see it.  The screen will be getting mounted over the weekend, hopefully, but the project is in place hanging off of the front of the interior “roof” of the bar.  It looks pretty good.  Being white it blends in much better than I had anticipated.  For the moment, the cables just dangle down and that isn’t going to work well but one step at a time.

Came home, had dinner, watched a little Grace and Favour and off to bed for everyone.

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