February 18, 2013: Liesl’s First Game of Catch

Today is dad’s last full day in Texas.  Dominica was up early and off to work.  I slept in a bit more though not nearly as late as you would think.  The girls really don’t let me sleep in all that much even at the best of times.

Dad and I got a lot more time to hang out today.  He also got most of our new receiver shelf built and put up in the bar.  We’ll need to finish mounting it and paint it but I think that it is going to work really well.  I am hoping to give a go at running some cables through the room overhang to make the projector connect transparently to the receiver through it.

This afternoon, while Luciana was sleeping, Liesl wanted to play catch for the first time ever.  I had shown her that Dominica had found a velcro mit and tennis ball catch game in the garage on a recent cleaning spree and Liesl was very keen to try it out.  The weather was awesome – bright and sunny and plenty warm.  So in just t-shirt and jeans we all went to the back yard (which with all of the new mulch and tiles is dramatically cleaner than it used to be) and spent quite some time playing Liesl’s first ever game of catch.  That was a lot of fun.

Dominica brought home Panda Express at dad’s request for his final meal.  We were still outside playing catch when she got home.  We watched Grace and Favour while we ate.  Then we hooked up dad’s laptop and we watched a video that dad had made of Jenny Case being interviewed about and then performing a song that she had written about mom. It was incredibly touching and Luciana climbed onto my laptop to watch the whole thing.

After dinner, everyone but me went up to Ikea in Frisco so that dad could do some shopping.  Dominica got stuff too but it was really a trip for dad to check out some furniture options.  This is his first time ever going to an Ikea, so this was a bit of an experience for him.  Dominica got tables and chairs for the girls’ school room and a new shelving unit for the kitchen area to help get some of our non-stop house mess cleaned up.

After that trip dad was pretty tired and wanted to get to the hotel early to be sure that he could be packed, rested and out the door early in the morning.  I’m taking him to DFW airport on my way into the office tomorrow morning.

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