February 24, 2013: Returning to Dallas

I woke up at seven this morning feeling great.  Apparently sleeping outside really works well for me.  I knew that it would.  I slept wonderfully all night.  I am going to do this more often.  Maybe I should try sleeping in the atrium at home.  That would be pretty cool and I don’t have to worry about being completely outside there.  It is even more enclosed than it is in Joe’s backyard although his backyard is practically completely enclosed.

I was the first one up this morning by thirty minutes followed by Luciana.  From about eight onwards people woke up a little at time until nearly everyone was awake around ten thirty.

I ran out to Donuts, Kolaches and Tacos and picked up a huge breakfast for everyone.  Then I hung out in the theater with a group of the girls as they watched Sinister again and then we watched Blink from Doctor Who.  That wrapped up as the last of the party goers was getting picked up and heading for home.

We didn’t hang out for too much longer, but a bit too long considering the traffic problems in Houston, and then hit the road to drive back to Dallas.  The drive took way too long as we were in stop and go traffic for a while in Houston.

Got home and I spent the evening doing some work that needed to be done that I was unable to get to over the weekend.  But was off to bed before too late.  I got the work done.  Tomorrow is my birthday.

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