February 28, 2013: The Ralstons Leave for Texas

Luciana got us up at one thirty this morning and after Dominica and I did our usual team effort of Dominica comforting her and sometimes changing her and me running to the kitchen to get her a new, warm bottle of soy milk I was not able to fall back asleep so at about a quarter till two in the morning I decided to just get up and get some work done rather than laying in bed thinking about how I am just laying in bed not getting work done.  So I had a very long and very productive morning.  Nothing like putting in a full eight hour day before it was even time to get up and go into the office.

Dominica went into the office at normal time.  I worked from home until after my morning conference call was over then I got the girls packed up, drove them up to Corinth where they were spending the day at daycare and went into they office.  The girls will get a full day there as Dominica is working a full day today, rather than a half day.  Today is the beginning of her putting in more hours.  They requested that she be bumped from 1.5 days per week on site to 2.5 days were week onsite earlier this week.  We have figured out how to do two full days but are unsure how we are going to handle the extra half day but we are good for the next few weeks as there will be so many people visiting us that it is pretty easy to handle.  In fact, Dominica is working overtime next week, I think.  It is going to be a very long week.

I dropped the girls off around nine thirty at Ms. Melissa’s house for daycare.  Liesl was pretty excited that she was getting a full day there.  She just loves doing just about anything special.  Dominica will pick them up this afternoon once she gets out of work which will likely be between four and five.

This was our last evening at home before the Ralstons come down for more than a week.  We had a lot of work to do in general so we did work most of the evening and tried to get to bed pretty early.  I was really tired, as you can imagine.  Dominica will be home tomorrow and very busy cleaning all day.

Art and Danielle managed to leave home at eight.  They are hoping to do the drive in about twenty four hours.  Such a long drive.  They are doing the Oklahoma route.  There is a ton of snow along their entire trek.  Being in Dallas, we forget how much snow is up there.  We are expecting it to be in the sixties here this weekend.

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