March 1, 2013: The Ralstons Arrive

I did not have to go into the office super early this morning even though it is the first Friday of the month because non-farm payroll announcement (what most people call the unemployment numbers) are being held off until next Friday instead.  So just a normal Friday for me.  I was up early, did some work from the house for a few hours, and then went into the office.

On my way home tonight I swung into Panda Express and picked up dinner for the family.  Cheaper than what Dominica normally makes me do, sending me off to Rockfish on Friday nights.

Dominica cleaned like crazy all day to get the house ready.  I got home and the house looked amazing.  So much cleaning.  I had barely seen her online all day and I could see why.

Art and Danielle arrived around eight.  They made really good time doing the entire drive in under twenty four hours.  Having no kids and leaving at night helps a lot.  They were even able to stop for dinner in the drive window.

We all hung out until around midnight and then went to bed.  The Ralstons were pretty wired from their long drive.

Tonight Liesl and Luciana are making an attempt at being roommates for the first time, ever, I believe.  It is funny observing this as normally Luciana is the “easy to go to bed” one and Liesl has been the “hard to get to fall asleep” child but recently Liesl has been more and more volunteering to go to bed early and putting the two of them together appears to result in Liesl trying to sleep and Luciana wanting to talk to her all night.

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