March 15, 2013: Thirteen Hour Office Day

It’s Friday!  It has been such a busy week.  I can’t believe that the Ralstons were still here in Texas on Monday afternoon!  I’m sure that they cannot believe it either.

I got up and went into the office without incident.  Luciana was still asleep in Liesl’s room and Liesl was fast asleep in our bed.

I’ve been falling behind this week after our enormous amount of week last weekend.  So I am pretty exhausted and really going crazy trying to keep up with everything.  Doing test writing, keeping up with my classes, doing my normal work – which is still a heavier workload than usual – is making this a tough few weeks.  And everyone is visiting at once.

Nate and Bob decided that since they are going to the basketball game tonight at American Airlines Arena that they would not worry about coming up to visit tonight and that we would just get together tomorrow evening instead.

Work ended up being a very late one for me. I did not manage to leave the office until just after nine in the evening!  I had let Dominica know earlier that everyone should just eat dinner without me and I managed to grab Subway for myself around five so I didn’t go without food.  I was pretty worn out when I left the office.  Especially considering I didn’t take a lunch break or anything of the sort.  I worked a solid thirteen hours.

I got to the house and it was long since dark, even today after the time change, and nearly everyone was getting ready for bed.  Dominica and Madeline were watching Scream the late 90s thriller movie that I have never seen.  It was pretty cheesy and I only saw the last half hour or so but at least I know what the movie was about now.

After that we put on Clue, one of the greatest movies ever.  Emily actually requested it.  I don’t know why we put movies on at night, no one makes it through them.  I don’t want to watch movies yet I’m the only one bothering to make it through.  Madeline did make it through Clue with me but only barely and I don’t get the impression that she was too interested.  Dominica, Francesca and Emily all bailed on the movie long before it was over.  Liesl did, actually, come out and finish it with us but that actually made it worse since Liesl should have been going to bed instead.

So it was eleven when we went off to bed.  Tomorrow morning we are cleaning the house then everyone is going down to Arlington to visit and leaving me at home to work on homework and writing as I am way behind this week.  Then in the afternoon Nate and Bob are catching the train up from downtown with all of their luggage and coming here to hang out before they catch their very early morning flight back home from DFW.

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