March 16, 2013: Hanging with the Guys

I slept in pretty late this morning.  I was completely exhausted.  Dominica got me up to help out with the cleaning but the house was already looking really good.  Dominica and Francesca and the kids had been up cleaning all morning and it was really in great shape.  It is amazing considering how much sand had been coming into the house all week from the kids playing with the sand box constantly.  That thing is really popular, at least with the kids.  It is driving the adults completely insane.  The entire house is covered in sand at this point!

Everyone took off to go to Arlington to see Casen at ten or so so I had the house to myself for most of the day.  I spent the day in the office getting caught up, just a little bit, on work and now and then doing a little cleaning around the house.  I didn’t make a ton of additional progress but I did add some improvements throughout the day.  I really did need the quiet time at home – the past several weeks have been so busy and hectic.  I have not had the slightest downtime in forever.

The family returned about the same time that Nate and Bob texted me to say that they were on the DART at Union Station and working on heading our direction.  It’s a bit of a ride for them so it was pretty close to five when I drove down to the station to pick them up.

We hung out at the house for an hour or two.  Bob is feeling pretty sick.  Something that he caught from his daughter before leaving Ithaca.  So he can barely talk and is very tired.

Dominica, Francesca and the family decided to just stay in tonight while Nate, Bob and I went to Brookhaven Country Club to do dinner in the FiveFive lounge.  Nate and Bob wanted to watch the Syracuse basketball game.  So we settled in to the big leather arm chairs their and ordered dinner.

As Brookhaven was closing there was still a bit of game left so we drove up to Redneck and spent about an hour finishing the game there.  It was a slow night and we were all tired so we drove home and got back before eleven.  Even with it being so early everyone else was already asleep for about an hour.  We have to be up at a quarter after four to get them off to the airport, though, so only a few hours of sleep for us tonight even being home early.

Dominica had made up both futons in the living room so the guys were able to just crash there as soon as we came in the door.  Luciana is still sleeping in Liesl’s room and Liesl is still sleeping in our room, which she very much enjoys, and the entire Grice family is sacked out in Luciana’s room which is pretty funny.

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