March 20, 2013: Liesl Gets the Wii

Got up at six thirty and got moving pretty early.  Worked for a few hours before going into the office.  I remembered to take four boxes of books with me today!  Hooray.  That is so much less stuff being stored in the living room now.  That was $71 to ship all of those books, but it is awesome not having to worry about them.  I have three more boxes to go and all of the books will be out of here.  Dominica is really excited about that.  Those things have been in the way for months.  I can’t believe that $150 will have shipped them all.

I worked through lunch and ran to the post office just after lunch to make sure that the four huge boxes of books made it away.

I managed to leave work a little early and beat rush hour by minutes.  It is amazing how making it onto 635 by 4:55 PM is one experience driving home and ten minutes later is completely different.  Dallas is definitely a “follow the rules, and do everything by the clock” kind of town.  The start and stop times of businesses must be nearly all identical and strictly adhered to to have traffic be so dramatic.

I got home quickly and surprised Dominica who had been planning on asking me to pick up dinner on the way home.  It is best that I didn’t, though, as that would have been a horrible disruption to our diets and this way we are forced to eat healthy food at home instead which is both cheaper and healthier.  I had wanted to go out to Brookhaven tonight but Dominica hurt her back yesterday and is just resting.  She spent the day reading the first book in “The Lord of the Rings” series.

On the way home I stopped by at Game Stop and grabbed the Wii cable that Liesl has been needing so that she can use the Wii that is set up in her bedroom.  She has a 16″ LCD television in there and the Wii and the old AppleTV.  She was so excited to get it finally set up.  She has been asking for months for us to get it working.  So I hooked it up shortly after getting home and Liesl spent much of the evening playing a Sesame Street counting game and a little bit trying to figure out Mario Kart.  She is very happy.

We watched Community much of the evening.  That is a really good show that we recently discovered.  We are about halfway through the first season now.  I find that it is a lot more like community college is that people may realize.  It kind of takes me back to my late ’90s college years at Monroe Community College.

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