March 21, 2013: Liesl’s First Plants

Dominica was up early today as she is working.  I got up and started working at seven.  Lots to be done, no sleeping in for me.

I had a productive morning and I am feeling good about getting on top of work stuff.  Still way behind but making really excellent progress.  Next week is going to be crazy with all of the travel.

I had a really good day with the girls today.  I hadn’t realized that Dominica was going to be working a full day today so had only planned to be home for the morning.

Liesl and Luciana were so good today.  They were quiet and played together much of the day.  They entertain each other far more than they used to.  Luciana has taken to opening the back door and going outside to play in the sandbox all by herself.  It is pretty funny.  Liesl would never have done that.  She would have always gotten us to let her out and make sure that it was okay first.

At one point Luciana got stuck up on Liesl’s bunk bed and Liesl called me across the house to come help get her down (she is great at going up the ladder but not so good at going down it.)  I asked Liesl why Luciana was stuck up there and Liesl explained: “She went up there to get me my blankets.  I asked her to.  That’s what friends do, they help each other.”

Dominica’s back is still hurting but not as bad today.  She was able to get through work okay and it was a long day.  She did not get home until nearly six.

We watched more of Community tonight and the girls decided to spend the evening together in our room doing their own thing.  They are so funny.  Sometimes they are all over us and need constant attention.  Other times they just want to be on their own and not even know that we are around.  Today was a super quiet day for Liesl.  Once in a while she will just have a “spend time alone watching television” day.  I don’t know what triggers it but instead of her normal crazy self she will just do something quiet all day.  I barely knew that she was even around.  And that was after she started the day by running into my office and telling me how much energy she had.

Luciana was in a weird mood and took two showers today.

Liesl went and checked on her little princess greenhouse and was so excited to report that several of the plants had already begun to grow today!  I am surprised as I was not expecting to see anything until Monday at the earliest.  This was really fast.  Liesl thinks that this is very, very cool.  This is a good educational experience for her too.

Liesl played her Wii some today too.  She is loving having that in her room and she is slowly learning how to operate it so that she does not need us to do it for her.  It won’t be long and she will be needing a bigger screen in there and a WiiU with the latest games.  It will be neat when she and Luciana are old enough to play things like Mario Kart racing against each other.

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