March 4, 2013: Migration Week Begins

Liesl woke up very unhappy in the middle of the night because I had to turn off her night light  because Luciana cannot sleep with it on.  This is going to be tough.  One child can’t sleep with a light, one cannot sleep without.  Ugh.  So I ran in and grabbed Liesl before Luciana woke up and brought her into bed with us.  She was asleep in seconds and slept soundly all night through after that.

Really busy day around here.  Dominica and Art were out the door at a quarter till seven to head into the office.  This is their first time ever going to the office together.  It is very rare that I ever get to see the company operating in such a tangible capacity.  It is a lot more fun than just hearing about things happening.

I got up around seven and was out the door early enough, even after talking to Danielle for a while and getting an overview of the day, that I was able to swing into Cafe Bene off of Trinity Mills (which only opened up a few months ago and we’ve been really interested in trying out) and pick up coffee to deliver to Dominica and Art at work.

Cafe Bene turned out to be really cool.  I had no idea that it was going to be such a true European styled cafe and then to be done with a totally Korean flair.  Very Euro-Asian fusion in a cafe.  Neat.  And much larger than I had anticipated.  I was very excited to find that they do not make brewed American style coffee but do true Cafe Americano made with hot water and espresso the way that it is supposed to be made.  This might be one of our new hang outs.

I stopped in and helped out with Dominica and Art’s work for a bit and they were pretty happy to have good coffee.  Her office has awful coffee – so bad that you would not drink it (I made that mistake once.)  So I figured that showing up with coffee would be much appreciated.  I was there for an hour or more.  A neat change of pace getting to see Dominica working at the office and even moreso just to see the company operating first hand.

I ran home at lunch to assist Danielle with watching the girls but I really wasn’t needed as Chris was there and they were all over him.  Liesl has really missed him.  He’s been busy for several weeks with all of his flying.  I was home, but stuck working frantically, for over an hour.  Chris was still there when I left.  Danielle hadn’t needed me at all.  Chris had the girls out in the back yard having a great time.  The weather is plenty nice to be outside quite a bit.  Winter is long over here.

Art and Dominica had a long day at the office but were home before me.  We all took the evening to relax tonight.  This is going to be a very busy week for everyone.

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