April 1, 2013: Back Home

I went into the office today and Dominica shifted her hours so that she was working Tuesday instead of Monday so that it would work better for me getting into the office.  We are very tired after our trip out to California but we are really glad that we decided to do it.  That was a lot of fun and a really nice weekend away together and it was really great that Dominica got to see California and the Pacific Ocean and that we both got to check out Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  I now have a completely different appreciation for the region.  It is no wonder that people are willing to pay a premium to live out there.  It is truly an amazing region.

Pretty much a normal work day for me.  There was some April Fools pranks on Spiceworks today where everyone in the community (well not really everyone but a lot of people) changed their usernames to match mine and switched to my picture and just added a number at the end of their name.  I’m never quite sure where this April Fools things come from but that was what we did today.

Dominica and the girls did very little today.  It was a busy week.  Liesl and Luciana really needed a day of nothing to get themselves back to normal.

Dominica and I have been watching a lot of the show Community that we only discovered recently on Hulu Plus.  Good stuff.

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