April 15, 2013: RIT Test Day

After an insanely long and exhausting weekend with really no sleep going on at all Dominica was up at six and I was up at six thirty to get started on what was yet another really busy day.

Dominica had a really long day.  She did not get home from work until around six.  That was eleven hours at the office for her.  My day was long too, but not nearly as long as hers.  I spent much of the day working on supporting her. She had little items to deal with all day long following the weekend’s migration.  She is really worn out.

I have a test that I had to take for one of my classes at RIT today.  It is a three hour test and there was no way for me to do it during the day today.  So I had to wait for Dominica to get back.  So the moment she was home I locked myself into the office and set to work on the test.  I believe that this is the first exam that I’ve taken in my entire RIT career.

That was an extremely long and exhausting day.  Not a moment to relax.  By nighttime we were really worn out.

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