April 19, 2013: Luciana in the Snack Cupboard

Had to get up early this morning and do a call with the UK and Liechtenstein.  So I was up and pretty tired after working a little late last night.

I got into the office and Dominica relayed this story to me:

Liesl came to her and said that “Luciana is in the snack cupboard.”

Dominica responded, “That’s okay, she’s allowed to get a snack.”

Liesl implored, “No mom, she’s in the snack cupboard!”

And so she was!

Today was another really long day at the office.  About fourteen hours before I gave up and went home.  It is tough getting home that late on a Friday.  The day is gone, often Luciana is asleep before I even get home.  I barely even get to see Liesl.


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