April 20, 2013: Hanging Blinds

Ah the weekend, sort of.  I was pretty tired after working late last night and had to get right back into it this morning.  I got a little time to relax today but mostly worked the majority of the day.  I had work to do both at home as well as at the office.

Dominica and I finally got around to hanging two of our new blinds that we got months ago.  They have been hiding in the living room since we bought them.  We got five new blinds – one for the front window and four for the play room where the insulation is non-existent and the sun just heats the room like you wouldn’t believe.  These are the double cell blinds that do a bit of insulating.  We still need all new windows but this is a major step in the right direction.  No need for aluminum foil this summer.  At least I hope not.  And these allow a lot of light in so the house glows with white light while keeping the heat out.  You really need that in Texas.

I worked until pretty late and was on the phone with Art and Danielle for hours.  This evening John Nicholson arrived up from Houston and after dropping off his family he swung by the house, picked me up and around midnight we ran over to Redneck Heaven for some beers.  We hung out there until close then came back to the house and had martinis here until three thirty or so.

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