April 25, 2013: Luciana Turns Two

Dominica was up and off to the office early.  Her back is finally enough better that she can go into the office.  She has been home all week with back pain.  So we hadn’t been sure if she would be able to go into the office at all this week but she was feeling okay this morning and really might have been able to have handled work yesterday but we figured better safe than sorry.

I walked in to Luciana’s room to get her up this morning and I said “Good Morning Luciana, Happy Birthday!”  And she said, “Birthday?  Me?  Party?”

Dominica had a very busy day at the office since all of her on site work was piled up for the week and even on a normal week there is more than she can get to in two full days of being there.

Ciana said that she wanted pizza for dinner tonight, not a very common request around here, so we ordered in pizza from Joe’s for the birthday girl and Dominica backed cupcakes.  It was a very low key birthday party.  The real party will be in a week and a half down in Houston.


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