April 28, 2013: Insane Work Day

Today was an insanely busy work day for me.  I had to get up this morning and barricade myself in my office for the entire day.  I have just loads of homework, test writing, SGL and other stuff to get taken care of plus I did a lot of work for the office today.  I worked until four in the morning last night and Liesl got up around four thirty and I hadn’t fallen asleep yet.  So it was closer to five, rather than four, when I actually managed to get to sleep.  I was pretty tired all day.

Very little to talk about today, my day was just so busy.  I barely got to see anyone all day.  The girls would come into the office from time to time but then they would start to play and get rowdy and had to be shooed again so that I could work.  It is quite warm today and we had to adjust the air conditioning unit in my server room to blow cold air into my office so that I could work with the office door closed most of the day.  That actually worked pretty well.

I ended up having so much work to do that I worked solidly until four in the morning.  It was a good thing that I did, though, as I got a ton of work done and it was really useful.  I feel better about my workload after having a chance to do that push.  And SGL is now up to date as well.  And Kidding Around Europe is seeing updates again.

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