March 31, 2013: Easter in Houston

Today is our busy day in Houston.  We spent the morning at the Grices’ with a lot of cooking and party prep going on.  I did not have very much time to attempt to do class work so I saved that to do over at the Toccos’ since we had to be over there pretty early anyway.

The morning at the Grices’ always seems to be the same – baking and more baking.  It is very hard to diet when down here.

It was early afternoon that we went over to the Toccos’.  Joe couldn’t be there today as he is stuck working all day.  His schedule is awful.

I got to hang out with the family some and got to help out as the kids did their Easter Egg hunt.  Liesl did really well finding eggs all over the house.  Luciana had a lot of fun too and found a lot.  It was all very adorable.

I had to spend the entire evening working like crazy on my class work, though.  That was no fun.  I pretty much had the week off out of necessity which left me with just tons and tons of work to do today.  It was a mad scramble to get everything done before I had to turn it in.

It ended up being a quarter till ten when we pulled out of the Grices’ to get on the road back to Dallas.  We stopped at McDonald’s just to grab some drinks for the road then got to driving.  The trip went really quickly and we made excellent time, even after I stopped at Buc-ees and got a sandwich for the drive.  It was barely two when we got to the house.

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