May 24, 2013: Off to Kansas

Into the office this morning.  Nothing special.  Had an incredibly busy morning, probably related to the early market close and three day weekend (Monday is Memorial Day.)  Dan and I tried to go to lunch and it took until almost two before we were able to leave because of so many people requesting work during the normal lunch hour.  That’s one thing that I hate about working for a global organization – someone always wants you to work and no one knows when you would normally be starting, lunching or leaving.  It gets to be pretty obnoxious some days.  And if you even so much as use the restroom some days people will escalate to management and say that you aren’t around.  It’s ridiculous.

So we got to lunch and ended up working all through lunch and I had to leave Dan there (luckily we had driven separately) and ran back to the office to work like mad the rest of the afternoon.

Luckily I was at least able to leave decently early, just a little after four, so that I could run home, grab the family and get on the road.  Steve Romano’s wedding is tomorrow afternoon in Vassar, Kansas so we need to drive up there tonight to be able to make it.  So we got on the road as quickly as we could which was nearly six by the time we were actually loaded into the car and moving.  We hit Sonic around the corner to get some food before getting onto the highway.

Because of the holiday traffic and the disaster area in the Oklahoma City area we decided to avoid Interstate 35 and instead take the US75 route through Tulsa which is shorter but takes forty-five minutes longer.  That is a long, boring drive that we do a few times a year because it is the route back home to New York as well, at least as far as the Tulsa area.

The drive went well.  We were really concerned that we would hit rain but we did not and no tornado warnings either.  Clear sailing the whole way.

It was two thirty when we pulled into Ottawa, Kansas where we stayed the night at the EconoLodge there.  We got a king room that was actually pretty nice.  We were very happy with our room there.  Slightly more expensive than an EconoLodge normally is but the room was a bit better too so that explained it.

Unfortunately Luciana decided that she didn’t want to go to sleep and so she kept us all awake until four in the morning.  That is going to make tomorrow really hard as we are tired as it is.

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