May 26, 2013: Caught Up on SGL

It was eleven this morning when we finally pulled ourselves out of bed.  I was the first one up and I was showered before anyone else was getting up.  So it was probably closer to noon for the rest of the family.  I can’t believe that the girls managed to sleep in so late.  They both got to sleep in the car a lot last night and they both tend to have pretty strong internal clocks that get them up around the same time regardless of how late they end up going to bed, Luciana especially.

Liesl got up and immediately wanted to know when we would be playing “the game” – The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles – again.  So we started playing that pretty early this afternoon and got several hours in on it today.

For “breakfast” in the early afternoon Dominica was in the mood for breakfast tacos like we get in Houston so she sent me out looking for some.  We got lunch from Fuzzy’s Tacos which is pretty nearby and tried out their breakfast and fish tacos.  They were okay but nothing to write home about.  Except my dad reads this blog, so technically I sort of just wrote home about them.

We watched some of Arrested Development.  We are going back and watching the entire series again from the beginning to prepare for the fourth season which, after being off of the air for a decade, released early this morning on Netflix.  This is a major change of how television is made.  Netflix actually found a show that people loved and that was cancelled for no good reason, bought all of the rights, paid for all of the actors to return many years later and fired the series back up!  It is a major win for consumer-driven television choice and we are going to seriously support Netflix for doing this.  We have high hopes that this will signal a fundamental change to how shows are selected and financed.  This could be, and should be, a turning point for network television.  Never has such a high profile, mainline show been exclusive to non-network television.  The Internet is finally the new mainstream for shows.

This evening we tried to relax a bit but I can paged out and had to put in four hours working on a conference call for the office.  That kind of ruined the last portion of the evening.  Liesl had wanted to hang out in the living room together and I totally had to bail on her.  At least I got to read her her bedtime stories before she went down for the night.

While donig other things, at least, I managed to get completely caught up on SGL today.

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