May 27, 2013: Memorial Day

Today is Monday but it is Memorial Day so I am home with the family and hopefully because I put in four hours working yesterday I won’t need to be doing any work for the office today, or at least I sure hope so.  I have a lot of test work to do today so I hardly have the day as a free day but I should, again in theory, get to focus on that.

Liesl and I played a lot of The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles today and made it very close to the ending.  I’m pretty confident that we will be able to finish it tomorrow.  She is getting so good at playing the game that I don’t necessarily even have to sit with her while she plays it anymore.  I can sit across the room, walk around and do other things and just check in on her every few minutes to help her along.  This is a great learning experience for her.

I got a bit of work done today and had some time to relax too.  Back to work tomorrow.

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