May 3, 2013: Very Long Friday

Today was non-farm payroll so I was up early and in the office.  At least the financial outlook was really good this month.

Dominica emailed me mid-morning to say that she got to experience the crazy pounding from next door as well and the house was shaking all morning.

For lunch today Doue and I went to Brookhaven.  He has never been there before, nor to any of the country clubs.  He was pretty impressed.  We had a really nice lunch and he is hoping that we come back there again soon.

I got stuck working really late again this week.  Dominica had the car packed and ready to go to Houston but I didn’t wrap up with work until eight.  We left home at a quarter after eight and had to stop at Target before leaving town.  I stayed in the car with the girls and Dominica just ran in to do quick shopping to be ready for the party tomorrow.

The drive south went fine. Being as late as it was there was pretty minimal traffic.  But it was very late so we were all really tired.  It was a quarter till two in the morning when we pulled into the Grices’ and got into bed.

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