June 13, 2013: Dungeons & Dragons After Twenty Years

Got paged out this morning before I could leave for the office so ended up working from home till around ten on a conference call.  Then had to shower and get the girls ready to go to daycare.  Dominica was in the office today.

It was around eleven when I dropped off the girls.  Then I grabbed gas (and donuts) and got myself into the office.

The day wasn’t bad but I got stuck in the office unable to get home as early as I had hoped.  Dominica was not too happy about that as she really wanted me to get home and help to clean because she got stuck doing after hours work and was not available to help with the cleaning really as she needed to work all evening.

So I got home and we were both scrambling to get work done and clean the house as much as possible.  It was a frantic evening.  We were pretty glad when everyone was running late and didn’t get there until more like eight thirty and that they had decided to drive down from Denton rather than taking the train and having me drive them from the train station.  That would have taken even more time.  So we got some extra house cleaning time.

At eight thirty everyone arrive.  Rachel and Morgan whom we know well and Kyler, Jose and Jaiden.  At the last minute Rachel got Kyler, who as DM’d for her before, to agree to DM our group which is awesome because while I enjoy being a DM I am always stuck being the DM and have not had a chance to actually be a player for a full twenty years which is unbelievable.  So this is truly amazing for me.  I get to play rather than run the game.  So excited.

It took several hours to get our characters set up.  I always hate the first day of a new game – too many logistics, too little time to play.  Of the group Rachel and I are the experienced players.  Jaiden and Dominica just a little experience.  Morgan and Jose have none at all.  So it is a diverse group from a role playing sense.

We ordered in pizza and Dominica had set up a snack table.  I bar tended as well.  We got to make good use of the bar tonight.

Luciana went to bed within about thirty minute of everyone arriving.  Liesl stayed up until midnight.  She spent part of the night sitting with me but most of it on the couch hanging onto Morgan who appears to be her new best friend.  Liesl did really well tonight

We had a really great time.  The adventure was really good and we got in more than four hours of actual game play.  We ended up playing until after four in the morning!  We are all going to be hurting pretty badly tomorrow.  But it was worth it.  We are so excited to be playing again next week and Stefany should be joining us next week as well for a full eight people.

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