June 20, 2013: Second D&D Day

I got essentially no sleep last night.  Didn’t get to bed till close to one and then was up by two thirty with Luciana, then for Nitro.  Soon Liesl had a bad dream.  By the end I was sleeping with Luciana on my pillow, Liesl across the bottom of the bed so that there was no room for my feet and Nitro on the floor just beneath where I was sleeping.  The air conditioning could not keep up with so many people in one room and I got, at best, ninety minutes of sleep all night.

Went to the Local Diner for lunch.  Got home as quick as I could so that I could help Dominica get ready for Dungeons and Dragons tonight.  This is our first time getting “back” together for our weekly game.  This is pretty awesome having a group like this.  All eight of us that started the game last week were able to get together again this week too.  Not a single person dropped.

We started around eight and played until nearly two in the morning.  So much fun.  The story is really developing and everyone is having a really good time.  It is so awesome to have a real Dungeons & Dragons group again and everyone is so into it.  We are really encouraged that we are going to be able to keep this going.

I’m getting a fair amount of bartending experience from our D&D group too.  Nearly everyone wants me to bartend while they are there and there is a wide variety of requests.

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