June 24, 2013: Kimchi!

More or less normal day at the office for me.  Had lunch at the Local Diner with the guys.  Pretty uneventful day.

Dominica said that she wanted to go to LA Burger because Jose had recommended it and said that it was really amazing.  So I went home, picked up the family and we drove to LA Burger, which isn’t far away, to check it out.

LA Burger’s tag line is “America’s Favorite Food, with Seoul.”  They are a Korean Fusion restaurant over my the Carrollton Korean district.  Dominica got their veggie tacos and I got a veggie burger and we split an order of their k-fries which are French fries topped with a mound of their in-house kimchi.  The kimchi was amazing.  We love this new place.  This is going to be one of our new haunts for sure.

After dinner we went to Braum’s to get ice cream. They have the best ice cream around.  Liesl and Luciana were really excited to get ice cream.  Braum’s even has soft serve like we get back in New York.  That is the first that we have found that down here.

We got home and pretty soon the girls were off to bed.  Between me getting home an hour later than usual and then going out first to eat and then for ice cream it was after eight when we got home.  So it was basically bed time.

Once the girls were in bed Dominica rented Warm Bodies on the AppleTV because she has really wanted to see it so we watched that.  It wasn’t too bad. Not my favourite movie by any stretch.  Kind of cute, mostly pointless.

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