June 27, 2013: D&D Week Three

I discovered my name in a random Internet search and found this little bit of my history: my third grade honor roll listing from Pavilion Baptist School in 1985.  It is amazing how many of the people listed in that article I still have on Facebook or Twitter or know how to reach.  Very small world even though I live across the country now.  Looking at the other articles and that old “print” newspaper really makes me feel old.  What a reminder that I grew up in a very different world than the one we live in today.

Dominica was up and off to the office and I got up shortly after she left.  Luciana was up long before Liesl this morning.  Luciana got up around seven thirty and did her thing around the house for hours before Liesl got up.

Luciana watched some Justin Time in the living room and then came in and hung out in the bathroom while I showered.  She played with her ducks and would periodically hand me one while I was in the shower so that they could hang out with me.  I was surprised to find that she figured out how to use the AppleTV remote now so that she can put on the next show on her own.  She has been able to do this with the iPad and PlayStation 3 for a long time but the AppleTV is dramatically more complicated as it has confusing, multi-use buttons, unpredictable on-screen response and the remote is much harder to get a response from since it has to be pointed at the device.

Liesl finally got up around nine thirty – fourteen and a half hours of sleep!  We had to put her to bed super early last night because she was so tired.  Hopefully this means that she will be extremely rested for the D&D game tonight. She loves the game.  She things that everyone that comes is so much fun.  She talks about Morgan coming days ahead of time.  Liesl came running in to tell me that she had taught Luciana how to use the remote and that she was using it on her own.  It is so cute that Liesl gets excited about Luciana learning new things.

I got the girls up to daycare in Corinth on the early side and zipped into the office.  An uneventful day.

As soon as I got home it was house cleaning time.  It still looked pretty good from yesterday but there is always more to do.  Liesl was a great helper and wouldn’t stop cleaning until everyone arrived.  She was determined to help in any way that she could.  She picked up a ton of toys and cleaned all kinds of stuff.

We cleaned and Dominica did food prep.  There is a lot to be done.  Veggie trays, chips and dips, cookies, pizzas, etc.

Everyone arrived a little late, around eight thirty.  Hoping to work on that in the future as getting started is the hardest thing and then we run out of time as we really all want to play much longer than we actually get to do.  Then we set about making pizzas right away and that took us until after ten.  It was fun and delicious but doesn’t work for the game.  We have too little spare time.

We finally got around to starting the game just after ten.  We had our full seven people again and this is our third week.  Everyone who has played D&D seriously in the past is pretty excited because campaigns just don’t go this long, especially with this many people.  Getting a dedicated group that actually shows up consistently and takes the effort to clear their schedules to make it happen is very rare and as adults there are always things that “pop up” that make it really hard.  It requires prioritization to have it really work.  You have to be dedicated to each other and realize that skipping a week impacts a lot of people.  Probably that we are playing as the DM and three couples makes it easier as both members of each couple are dedicated to getting the other one to the game.

We had a good, exciting session and everyone is really interested in where the story is going.  Played until about two in the morning.  Boy this game is wearing us out.

We are discussing making a holiday of the game next week.  Everyone has the fourth off so we are considering maybe getting together on Wednesday evening and doing a slumber party at the house so that we can get in a full session that evening, get some real sleep, make breakfast and then put in a full D&D day.  I can’t remember the last time that I played the game like that.  Everyone was very excited about that idea.  This is a hard core D&D group that we have now.  We are also talking about taking a group field trip to Reaper in Lake Dallas on Saturday to do some painting of our miniatures because they have a free painting day event there on the weekends.

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