June 3, 2013: Outage

I got woken up this morning after just two to three hours of sleep to a page that I had a server down.  I get this often on the weekends and don’t worry about it too much.  Normally it takes less than an hour of my time and is not a big deal to get working.

This outage was not like that.  I ended up working a twenty one hour day trying to get this server back up and running.  It was an exhausting day.  I did nothing but work, I even worked through lunch.  I never went into the office as there was never any time for that.

Once there was little that I could do this evening and since I had been working all day and hadn’t even gotten in a shower, after the kids went to bed I showered and headed out to grab dinner at Redneck as I knew that I would get paged out quite a bit tonight, and I did.  I was paged out over and over till one in the morning or so.  So it was very late when I finally managed to get to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day as there is no end in sight for the outage.

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