June 8, 2013: Sleep Recovery

For the first time I got a chance last night to actually get some sleep.  Still very tired today but better than I have been this week.  I decided that today would be a day off from pretty much everything.  So I slept in as much as possible and we then spent a bit of the day getting to nearly the end of the first three seasons of Arrested Development so that we can move on to the new season on Netflix, hopefully tomorrow.

I went out and got Subway for lunch.  It is really handy having a Subway so close.

Liesl and I put in quite a bit of time playing Ankh 2 today.  We had a good time hanging out playing today.

I got to install and play Morrowind just a little bit today.  I’ve been wanting to really get going with this game for years but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This evening some friends came over and hung out for a while.  So we didn’t end up going to bed until late, but we did get a delivery of rhubarb from New York which I hope to make into a pie.

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