July 11, 2013: Week Five of Dungeons & Dragons

It is very, very hard to believe that we have now been playing Dungeons & Dragons consistently for more than a month.  This is quite an accomplishment.  If you consider last week to have been two sessions then this is our sixth session in our fifth week.  Crazy.  We’ve not lost a single person so far and everyone is remaining excited about the game.

Dominica is in the office today and I had to drive the girls up to Corinth for daycare this morning.  Did my best to get into the office as early as I could.  I had an eight o’clock call before heading in.  Today was a super busy day.

This afternoon I was supposed to have a roadmap meeting with HP.  The original meeting got cancelled at two in the afternoon and since I had worked through lunch, as had everyone else apparently, Dan, Doue and I decided to run out for a very late “lunch” in the middle of the afternoon at an Asian Fusion Buffet in Irving.  The food was quite good, it was a new place for me.  Dominica would really like it.

The HP meeting regroups at three thirty but we lost our conference space after ten minutes and ended up just giving up on the meeting.

Got home and helped Dominica clean to be ready for the game tonight.

Tonight’s game had a really tough time getting started.  There was more drinking than there probably should have been and there was a ton of time spent in the kitchen cooking one thing or another and everyone was late before we even got to that point.  So it was nearly ten before we even managed to get started on the game and people were already pretty tired.  It was a rough night for D&D.

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