July 16, 2013: Ice Cream Date with Liesl

Today was a long work day.  I got in nice and early and ended up working decently late not getting home until around six.  I was just late enough that Luciana, who had not taken a nap today, had gone to bed before I even got home.  That sucked. So I did not get to see her at all today, not one minute.

I had already eaten at work during the day so I asked Liesl if she wanted to go out for ice cream.  Not surprisingly, she did.  So just Liesl and I went out for a special outing to Braum’s to get ice cream cones.  Liesl is loving their Sicilian orange sherbet these days.

We picked up some groceries too while we were at Braum’s and came home with supplies.  Then the three of us plopped down on the couch and watched several episodes of The New Girl before calling it a night.

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