July 19, 2013: Dr. Who Night

Work all day.  Had lunch at the Local Diner with Dan.  Talked about all of the latest developments at work.  Found out today that one of the main AIX administrators is leaving in two weeks.  We’ve already lost a lot of people recently so this is a major blow both specifically to the AIX that is currently overwhelmed with work and now being cut in half but also to the team in general which is running far below normal levels overall.  We are getting burned out as a department pretty quickly and there is no sign of relief.

I took advantage, again, of the Steam Summer Sale today and picked up eight more video games for $18, mostly games for Liesl and I to play soon.  Graphical adventure games.  And a couple of casual games for Dominica.

Our big set of Lenovo ultrabooks arrived today for doing the Office 365 demonstrations next week.  Now I have to work on setting them all up.  Eleven laptops.  They are really slick, touch screen models for showing off Office 365 on Windows 8.

I came home and worked a bit.  Dominica made salads and we started watching The New Girl but Kyler arrived before we had made it through a single episode.  We watched two of the best episodes from Season Four, The Silence in the Library and it’s second half episodes, because that was what Kyler was up to in the series.  We watched those because Liesl was still awake and the sun was not completely down yet.  Luciana went to bed pretty early.

Once the sun was down Liesl was off to bed and we went back and watched Blink which Kyler had been skipping so that he could watch it on the big screen with us.  Such a good episode.  It was kind of an epic Doctor Who evening with so many of the most epic episodes in one night.  We watched one more episode after that, then Dominica went to bed.

Kyler and I stayed up for a few hours, mostly looking at European photographs and some videos from our trips over there the last few years.  It was a quarter till four when we finally headed to bed.

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