July 20, 2013: Bar Painting

It seems inevitable now that I will get drastically behind on SGL updates and fight like crazy to catch back up.  Luciana got me up this morning having soaked through her diaper.  It was seven thirty so I had less than four hours of sleep.  I got up with her so that Dominica could sleep some more and I put Ciana in the shower.  She didn’t want to stay in for too long so I laid down on the bathroom floor and napped there while she played.

Luciana and I finally got really up at eight thirty and Kyler was up a few minutes later.  Not much sleep for anyone.  Dominica was up before nine.

Made coffee and it was time to get to painting.  Dominica took off to go to Lowe’s to get last minute painting supplies and then to Subway to pick up breakfast for everyone.

Kyler is working on painting the bar today.  The goal is to have it fully painted before the even here on Tuesday night when we have twenty or thirty people coming to the house for SpiceCorps DFW.

I put in a ton of time working today.  I worked nearly a straight eleven hour day before even taking a break.  I got caught up on SGL too today.  That was a bit of work.  With so many readers now, it is important to really keep the site updated.

It was eight when Kyler took a break from painting and I took a break from closing tickets and Dominica made some dinner and we all sat down to watch an episode of Doctor Who.  Then it was back to do more work.  So much work to be done.  There never really is an end to it all.

One of our goals for tomorrow is for Dominica to run to Ikea to get shelving units so that we can set up the bar without all of the liquor having to sit on the wet bar.  The well isn’t big enough to hold even half of the stock and if we don’t have shelves it is nearly impossible to work the bar area.  Dominica put in a lot of time today trying to pick out the right shelves to get.  It is tempting to get a huge amount of shelf space but if we are not careful they will overtake all of the space on that side of the bar.  Instead we are trying to go for three shelves vertically to make maximum use of the otherwise blank wall.

Altogether I worked for about fourteen or fifteen hours today.  It was a very long, but very productive day.  I was quite happy to have so much taken care of during the day.  Kyler worked a ton today too.  Probably ten hours of painting and stuff.

Kyler went home after the painting was finished as he needed some sleep.  Dominica, Liesl and I watched a few episodes of The New Girl and went to bed a little after midnight.  Luciana had gone to bed earlier in Liesl’s room.  They love being roommates and we are starting to try that out more and more often.  We are really hoping that they will decide that they want to room together all of the time and the back room, Luciana’s old room, can be turned into a permanent guest bedroom and extra office space.

Still more work to do tomorrow.  It is going to be another busy day.  But overall I feel good.  Good progress, the house is looking good.  I have to be really on top of things before Monday because Tuesday and Wednesday are booked completely solid and Thursday I am going to be exhausted out of my mind.  Pretty much the entire week is completely shot.  Next weekend is going to be desperate work catchup as well and sometime next week Dominica and the girls are heading to the lake house so I will have the house to myself most of the week.  That will be my complete catch up and house cleaning week.  I’m already planning on doing my annual Rug Doctoring of the living quarters section of the house.  Hopefully this year I do not need to put up aluminum foil on all of the windows like I did last year to keep the house cool enough.

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