July 21, 2013: New Bar Shelves

Dominica and I were both up pretty early this morning.  I woke up around five thirty then Dominica got up around six.  The curse of going to bed on time, I guess.  Jim came over for about an hour this morning just to hang out.

The girls got up around eight thirty and then at nine or so I drove to Braum’s and got some breakfast for everyone. On my way to pick up breakfast I had a blade frame go down at work and had to deal with that by phone.  I thought that I had a good idea what was wrong and had the datacenter dispatched to look at it before I even got to Braum’s.  I was right and thankfully the fix was quick and easy and handled shortly after I got back home.  Never a true day off, though, it would seam.

Dominica went out this morning and did some shopping at Ikea and got new bar shelves and a few things for the girls.  So we spent some time this afternoon hanging three new Ikea shelves in the freshly painted bar so that we can now move the liquor that is all over the counter up on to the shelves as “top shelves” as opposed to the well that runs behind the bar itself.  We have a lot of people coming over in two days who will be using the bar and Allie is going to be bar tending for us so we want to have everything set up as well as possible.

Once it was all done the shelves really looked great.  They make the bar look so much more like a nice bar and they make the counter clear now.  So kind of a double whammy of improvement.  It makes the whole living room look better.  The next major project is getting the theatre equipment all installed and off of the bar so that the main bar is completely clear again.  That has been a problem for quite some time but it is such an undertaking that it never happens.

We did some cleaning tonight to get ready for Tuesday.  This is going to be a really long week and once it starts there aren’t any breaks so if we don’t get the house cleaned up now, we don’t have any chance to do it later.

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