July 24, 2013: SpiceCorps Kansas City

I was not as lucky as I had hoped that I would be and I only got about two hours of sleep last night. I had some CPAP issues that kept me from falling asleep too quickly and then I woke up at nine.  Two hours after putting in a sixteen hour day of work followed by seven hours of driving last night and needing to do the same again today plus a little extra driving.  This is not going to go well.

I got to work from the hotel at nine thirty and worked until just after noon.  then it was into the car and back on the highway.  I got up to Bob’s place in Kansas City at one thirty.

I worked for the afternoon from Bob’s.  We sat out in the Panama room with our laptops.  It was a nice afternoon.  Just before it was time to head to the SpiceCorps event to set up Francis came by and visited a bit as well.  He had flown in this morning from Austin for the event.

We got to the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce building which is where the meeting was going to be held at about five.  It was only about ten minutes away from Bob’s house making it pretty convenient to go there.

We got there on time and got set up.  The meeting had a really good turn out, more than thirty people and the presentations went well.  Francis presented on Spiceworks 7.0 which releases soon and I spoke on hosted services and Microsoft Office 365 which I had presented last night.

After the meeting we went to a local bar for about an hour.  Just had some appetizers then Bob drove me back to his house where my car was waiting.

So it was eleven, again, when I managed to get back on the road for Dallas.  This is going to be a horrible night.  I need to get to Dallas before seven if Dominica is to make it to work on time.

It is a straight shot down Interstate 35.  So I took off and was already feeling sleeping when I was still not yet to Topeka and only just getting started.  At least no storms or rain is expected tonight.  That would be more than I could handle.  Just the exhaustion will be enough to make this a horrible drive.


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