July 3, 2013: Dungeons & Dragons Slumber Party

Dominica was up and gone early this morning.  I worked from home for a little bit.  Morgan arrived just after nine.  Liesl was so excited.  I had Liesl dressed and Luciana changed just as Morgan arrived and got her set up and I was out the door by nine fifteen.

I had to swing by Dominica’s office for a few minutes on my way in.  That went really well.  She is off for four day – she doesn’t go back in until Monday.

Got into the office and had a pretty relaxing day.  The market closed at lunch and pretty much no one was getting anything done today.  A nice day to be in the office.

For lunch Dan, Doue and I went to Masala Wok but it wasn’t very good.  Then we got froyo before going back to the office.

This afternoon my desktop supplier swung by the office and dropped off four Dell Optimplex 780s for me to get to Dominica.  Dominica was very relieved to know that I had them in hand.

I came home a little early today although I was pretty much the last one in the office.  I got home and Morgan was still there.  Dominica had just gotten home because of a huge accident that closed down Trinity Mills for a while.  I had been stuck in the traffic there too.  So we all hung out for about an hour then she ran home to try to wrangle everyone up for D&D tonight.

While everyone was out I went on a liquor run to restock.  Found a ton of really awesome stuff. This was a record restocking.

It ended up being really late before we were able to get started.  Kyler was over pretty early, around eight, arriving just minutes after I had gotten home.  Rachel and Jaiden arrived almost three hours later!

While we were waiting for everyone else we introduced Kyler to Dr. Who and managed to watch almost three full episodes before anyone arrived!  Rachel and Jaiden were the first to arrive. Because things were taking so long to get started Morgan and Jose ended up going to Addison’s Fireworks display.  So our first evening was having a really hard time getting started.

We did as much with our characters while were had the time and were ready when everyone was finally in one spot around midnight.  We got into the game and played until after four in the morning when we decided to call it a night and get a little sleep before we get up tomorrow to play all day.

Liesl slept in our room tonight and Luciana slept in her own room.  Everyone else camped out in the living room.

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