July 30, 2013: Lonely Day

Even with my long nap yesterday I was still pretty tired when I woke up at a quarter till eight this morning.  I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine intake recently but it spiked during my long drive to and from Kansas City when I had to drink it continuously to have any chance at staying awake.  So I have had almost none since then and absolutely none yesterday so that is probably contributing as well.

I had a call at eight o’clock this morning, that was only about half an hour.  I did a little work then and then headed into the office.  It’s not so hot today, only expected to hit ninety-nine at the peak of the day.

Work was pretty slow today.  I did some catch up on things too.  Did a late lunch at Subway, there is pretty much no food left in the house and I don’t plan on grocery shopping.

Only four more days without the family.

Came home just after five.  Played some more Knights of the Old Republic.  At least with everyone away I do get a chance to catch up on my video games a little bit.  I’m making good progress on this game.

Having a week home alone to myself makes me feel pretty lonely.  I’m not big on being home alone for extended periods of time.

Later in the evening I watched a couple episodes of Coupling and went to bed on the early side.  Nothing scheduled for the morning so hopefully I can get a full night’s sleep in tonight.

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