July 9, 2013: Lifting with Chris

Went to work this morning.  Just a normal Tuesday.  Took a late lunch and instead of eating went up to Carrollton to the Rosemeade Recreation Center so that I could lift with Chris.  He’s working on training me to lift and this is my first time checking out the gym that he works at.  It is a really nice municipal facility.  They have a big pool complex too.  The girls would love it up there.  Very cheap too since it is owned by the City of Carrollton.

I didn’t get to lift as early as I had hoped, I ended up having to work on the phone for about thirty minutes.  Once that was done I did some serious lifting with Chris and his friend Mark.

After lifting I decided to head for home as it was getting late and I was all sweaty and home was just a few minutes away and work was very far away.

After work we all went to the Genghis Grill in Addison for stir fry.  The girls tried having stir fry too tonight instead of mac and cheese.  After dinner we went to Braum’s for ice cream.  The girls love going out for ice cream.  Mommy and daddy like it too.

Good day but I was pretty soar by the time that we went to bed.

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